Tom Kamplain


I began my career in Fire / EMS in 1992 as a volunteer firefighter with the Newton County and the City of Oxford Fire Departments. From there I have continued to move forward mainly in EMS. My personal goal is to help strengthen and develop EMS into a profession that consist of highly trained personnel that will have the opportunity to pursue many different job options that will lead to a rich and rewarding lifelong career.

My first experience in EMS was as a volunteer. Since then I have served in the EMS profession in one capacity or another for over 17 years. I was blessed with the opportunity to serve as an EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, Paramedic, Combat Lifesaver, Combat Medic, Emergency Room Technician, Tactical Medic, Flight Medic, Supervisor, Administrator, and Educator. I am grateful for all of the experiences I have had and I look forward to new and challenging opportunities for growth in the future to come.

I find myself currently doing what I love.  I am currently the CEO / Program Director at Georgia Institute of EMS. My job is to instruct students in EMT, AEMT, and Continuing Education courses and to administer and manage the instructional aspects of the program. I have found that this new post is challenging while at the same time very rewarding. The day I look forward to is graduation day. On this day I enjoy seeing the happiness that everyone has completed their goals and the pride that their families have in their loved ones as they receive their diploma that professes to the world that they have, despite adversity, completed the difficult task of becoming an Emergency Medical Technician.


Name: Thomas Kamplain, Jr.

Gender: Male

Age: 39


Industry: Education

Occupation: Post Secondary Education

School: Georgia Institute of EMS

Location: Covington, GA


Capella University

Masters in Science - Public Safety Leadership

Troy University

Masters in Science - Post Secondary Education with concentrations in Instructional Technology

Mercer University

Bachelors in Science -Information Systems

Bevill State Community College

EMT - Paramedic

EMT - Intermediate

Pikes Peak Community College

EMT - Basic



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